EOS - Success in strong values

Debt Collection – It is all about sensitively gauging options and tailoring the best possible solutions. To benefit both sides. Our methods are data-based. Together with our extensive expertise, we use cutting-edge artificial intelligence to identify the most suitable, mutually beneficial course of action. We see ourselves as competent mediators and assistants, who help you through those more difficult periods and take full responsibility for our role. No clichés. No stereotypes. Just human, committed and sincere.

At our best – together

At EOS, we offer a diverse range of exciting positions – right across the board. Over 7000 people work for the EOS Group worldwide, including 2100 in Germany alone. Altogether we oversee more than 55 subsidiaries in over 25 countries and achieve an annual turnover of more than €600 million.

Our success story

EOS emerged from the OTTO Legal Administration department as financial service provider in 1974. Over the years, our range of services has expanded to meet growing customer needs. Today, EOS is one of Germany’s largest providers in the receivables management segment.

EOS set-up at a glance

EOS is an international company. From its headquarters in Hamburg, the EOS board steers the fate of the entire group. EOS has evolved as a holding company in which core divisions e.g. Marketing and Human Resources operate alongside autonomous domestic subsidiaries.

Why EOS?

Outstanding payments can cause trouble for companies of any size. If debtors fail to pay, it can result in liquidity shortages. And a lack of funds can all too easily lead to bankruptcy. As an experienced debt collection company, we put our heart and soul into helping customers collect their due receivables.

EOS – The cross-sector specialist

We pride ourselves on serving customers from all areas of business: banks and building societies, insurance and credit card companies, E-Commerce and energy providers, publishing and mail-order companies, as well as companies from tourism, telecommunications, trade, education, engineering and production sectors.

How does EOS operate?

Our main priority is providing premium debt collection services – the EOS way: People approach people and solve problems together. Our competent, goal-oriented staff work both efficiently and reliably. And are 100% committed to our ethical principles. Every day, we deal with partners from diverse cultures, religions and traditions. And it goes without saying that we respect these differences without voicing or imposing our own values. All our trading principles are laid out clearly in our Heartbeat policy to serve as a guideline.


What drives us at EOS? What motivates us to give our very best every single day – all 7000 of us? Simple: A DEBT-FREE WORLD. This aspiration is in our blood – and lies at the heart of EOS.

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One goal – clearly defined

Each and every one of us at EOS, irrespective of position, is committed to dealing with debts on a daily basis – and eliminating them. Our motto therefore plays a vital role in guiding us.

The EOS Heartbeat

FOR A DEBT-FREE WORLD. Our goal in a nutshell. We have defined and laid out seven key principles for handling colleagues, customers and debtors uniformly as a company:

Walk your talk
Love to learn
Strive for excellence
Embrace change
Share your knowledge
Be courageous

Every single employee, team and department is expected to discuss and interpret the meaning of each of these core principles – and actively put them into practice. Not only for the benefit of the team and working environment, but also on a personal level.

For a debt-free world – The EOS way

Understanding our goal correctly is crucial. Of course, there will always be debts – and indeed some very good reasons to create debt. For example, buying a property or investing in a company. However, sometimes debts cannot be served. And that is where we provide solutions. We continuously develop expert products and services to help guide each and every individual towards a debt-free future.