Exceeding all expectations

What better time to develop your future at EOS! See yourself as an open, creative-thinking teamplayer? Get a buzz out of transforming ideas into the latest digital technology? Then EOS is just the company for you.

Your contribution counts at EOS

We are always looking for both bright young stars and experienced experts. So, if you are a talented IT analyst or specialise in corporate areas such as HR, Law and Corporate Development, EOS wants to hear from you. Our field service and call centre are also continuously on the lookout for fresh talent. From day one, you will receive full support from all our departments – in order to optimise your personal and professional development.

We support you all the way

We will provide you with individual ongoing support: from vocational trainees, work-study recruits, interns and student trainees to technical specialists and managers. With the help of regular feedback, you will continue to go from strength to strength at EOS. You will receive personal support from our dedicated HR experts, as well as access to a whole range of professional development opportunities, including specialist seminars and workshops:

80 Seminars – Simply select the programme to suit your needs.
40 Workshops – Tailored to individual staff requirements.
30 Coaching options – To support your personal development.
3 Programmes – Specifically designed for managers.

Thanks to our diverse training and development opportunities that genuinely cater to the professional needs of staff, the average employee tends to stay with us for around seven years – Something we are truly proud of.

We love to inspire you

New ideas create an exciting environment and inspiring exchange. For this reason, teamwork has always played a crucial role at EOS, requiring both trust and open, constructive feedback. Creativity thrives on diversity. We have people working for us in all areas of business and at various levels with differing approaches, not to mention a vast spectrum of experience, skills and profiles. For us, diversity also means the ability to gather stimulating insights beyond work. And this is why we are committed to ensuring our staff a healthy work-life balance. At EOS, you can enjoy flexible office hours and even work on a mobile basis in many divisions.

We give you responsibility

From the word go, you are involved in shaping EOS. We need your ideas. We value your creativity. We equally understand that nobody is perfect! Even independent, creative thinkers naturally make mistakes sometimes. However, we choose to view them in terms of opportunity: A chance to learn from them together.

You help us evolve

Times are changing. Both globalisation and digitalisation have incited a culture of change at EOS, particularly with regard to IT solutions innovations. And this requires not only courage, but willingness to learn. At EOS, we want to learn – above all, from you. We believe our people are the key to a more dynamic, future-oriented concern.

Our goal: Happy & healthy staff

Your health matters to us. That is why we employ a health commissioner: to ensure all our on-site staff have access healthy snacks, fresh organic fruit and gym offers.

You benefit from

  • Staff discounts – for purchases from OTTO Group companies
  • Christmas bonuses and holiday pay – including jubilee bonuses
  • Capital accumulation schemes – we will provide you with savings support
  • Equity investment – you are invited to own shares in the compan
  • Pension schemes – we will secure your future with special rates
  • Monthly travel card for public transport – we will contribute to your travel costs
  • EOS qualifications programme – you can continue to develop with us
  • Company sports and gym memberships – we encourage physical fitness
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