Fintech careers at EOS

Fintechs are competing to digitalise the world of cash flow. So what does that have to do with receivables management and the EOS Group? A lot.

What is Fintech?

The term Fintech stands for the change in financial services through technology – as the name implies. Fintechs are companies that bring both worlds together: They compete to digitalise cash flow and want nothing less than to revolutionise the entire financial sector. Fintechs are typically start-ups. However, even long-established companies that drive digital financial innovations forward, can be described as Fintechs.

More Fintech jobs than ever

Fintechs are booming – along with jobs in the sector: The chance of finding vacancies in the Financial Technology sector have, in fact, never been better. In 2017, German Fintech companies advertised 60 percent more jobs than in the previous year.

EOS: ein FinTech Unternehmen

EOS – But don’t they do debt collection?

Spot on! The EOS Group offers customised financial services. We focus on receivables management, and in particular, on three areas of business: fiduciary collection, debt purchasing and Business Process Outsourcing. Our goal: to find optimal solutions for debtors that enable them to settle their obligations as simply and comfortably as possible. Our customers include: banks, telecom and trading companies, as well as public sector organisations – from listed bluechips to start-ups.

So, where do Fintech come into play?

Without strong technology, neither innovation nor operational success is possible. That is why our subsidiary EOS Technology Solutions is there to take care of all digital matters: More than 200 experts are in charge of developing software, managing IT projects and identifying the most suitable digitalisation strategy for our customers. As proven specialists in technology scouting, we are committed to driving the digital transformation of the financial world.

Brand new Fintech in France

In 2017, we launched the Fintech company EOS act! in France. Our goal? We intend to develop a global SaaS platform that will raise IT potential right across the group, while continuing to advance digitalisation within the EOS Group itself.

Working for EOS: Start-up meets global corporation

We are always looking for talented IT experts who want to drive the financial world forward with us – from software and Java Developers to DevOps Engineers. And although we are part of the major Otto Group and operate globally, we enjoy an informal start-up company environment: Flat hierarchies, staff appreciation and an open communication culture are all hugely valued.

Work-life balance

Thanks to flexible working hours, professional healthcare management and company sports, you are able to prioritise your responsibilities at EOS in line with your living situation, time and necessity. And this is not only good for your health, but also for community spirit – creating a work environment you actually feel at home in.

Learning from mistakes – The agile way

We benefit from working according to agile scrum methods and really put the Trial and Error principle into practice: trying things out, gaining insights and learning from them.

New Work: How do we want to work?

At EOS, we not only discuss how to design our working environment today, but how it should look in the future. What does digitalisation of the professional world mean for us? What will the offices and workplaces of tomorrow need to operate effectively and what kind of technical support will staff require? How can we become even more flexible in terms of time, place and organisation? Indeed, this is why we are always looking for cutting-edge ideas and inspiration. So get involved and help us shape Workplace 4.0!

We test technologies and check how applicable they are for EOS – After all, innovations are largely created through trial and error.

Hamburg meets world

Whether at our EOS headquarters in Hamburg, in France or the US: We are actively looking for colleagues who want to keep moving with us and view change in terms of opportunity.