Operation 4.0: New Work at EOS

Digital transformation has changed our working lives massively: Operation 4.0 is intended to create greater freedom for creative, independent work. From social intranet and digital workplace to home office – at EOS, we are constantly trying out new methods to improve networking and communication channels that enable us to work from anywhere.

How will tomorrow’s office look?

From virtual conferences to mobile office and digital workplace: Our work today is unimaginable without digitalisation. We collaborate on projects from all corners of the planet, develop our skills via online courses and organise our own work schedules.

Revolution in the workplace

Workplace 4.0 (or Operation 4.0) is the name of the process that has turned the working world upside down – and will continue to do so. That is why we choose to be flexible in terms time, place and organisation. It affords us new creative freedom. And moreover, our work is becoming not only more varied, but considerably easier in many ways due to the automation of routine tasks.

More creative freedom

The philosopher Frithjof Bergmann had already introduced the term New Work in 2004. He was looking for a new job with more creative freedom that would enable development on a personal level – in other words, compatible with his hopes, dreams and talents. For Bergmann, New Work was precisely this new, fair, modern work model.

Productivity over time-keeping

Nine-to-five jobs are a thing of the past, since productivity does not increase proportionally to time invested. Quite the opposite. It is much more dependent on staff satisfaction and spatial conditions – because flexible location and time management has a wholly positive effect on performance.

What does this mean in practice?

How do we want to work? What does a digitalised working world mean for us? How will our offices and work stations of the future look? At EOS, we continuously discuss these kinds of questions. We try out new software, technological innovations and methods for optimising communication and exchanging knowledge.

Take for instance our social intranet: Staff can create their own user profile, follow their colleagues, write and like posts or even subscribe to innovations from specific sectors. This keeps everybody up-to-date on news at EOS and makes exchange between teams and divisions so much easier.

We are always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration on the matter of how to become even more flexible with regard to time, place and organisation. So, get involved and help us shape Workplace 4.0!

Work-life balance

Thanks to flexible working hours, home office, professional healthcare management and company sports, you are able to prioritise your responsibilities at EOS in line with your living situation, time and necessity. And this is not only good for your health, but also for community spirit – creating a work environment you actually feel at home in.

Keeping it flexible

We benefit from an agile approach to work in line with scrum methods. Our working hours are flexible – just like our place of work.

Fail fast and learn faster

We benefit from working according to agile scrum methods and really put the Trial and Error principle into practice: trying things out, gaining insights and learning from them. In short: We work for an organisation with a start-up vibe that gives us the freedom to try out New Work methods.

The EOS Group, a member of the Otto Group, offers customised financial services. We focus on receivables management, and in particular on three areas of business: fiduciary collection, debt purchasing and Business Process Outsourcing.

Our goal: to find optimal solutions for debtors that enable them to settle their obligations as simply and comfortably as possible. Our customers include: banks, telecom and trading companies, as well as public sector organisations – from listed bluechips to start-ups. Altogether, we have earned the trust of around 20 000 customers of all sizes – worldwide.

Hamburg meets world

Whether at our EOS headquarters in Hamburg, in France or the US: We are actively looking for colleagues who want to keep moving with us and view change in terms of opportunity.