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Corporate & Legal Administration

Top prospects all round.

School leaver or student? Just graduated?
We love fresh talent.

EOS offers diverse opportunities for career starters.


Multi-faceted – Under one roof: Corporate & Legal

The EOS Group corporate division not only offers diverse areas of work and employment opportunities, but also exciting career prospects. Both domestically and internationally.

From Corporate Communications & Marketing and Corporate Development to Corporate Human Resources, specialists and strategists who guarantee processes throughout the group are in high demand. And pave the way for the future.

Even in the International Contracts division, our Legal Department Germany, as well as our EOS Deutscher Inkasso Dienst (German Debt Collection Service) und EOS Immobilienworkout (Real Estate) subsidiaries offer stimulating positions of responsibility.



Debt Collection

Potential in every challenge

From Corporate Auditing, Finance & Accounting and Controlling to Corporate Development – we share one common goal: steering the EOS Group towards a successful future.

Responsibility is therefore a key issue. For only by truly identifying with your work, projects and specialist area, will you achieve this goal. Our approach is structured and efficient – our quality standards high. We call everything into question, recognise opportunities and actively initiate important changes.

And our mission? To become even more dynamic and agile. This means teamwork is absolutely paramount: Our successes are always collective successes. And that is precisely why we are looking for teamplayers to creatively, courageously and purposefully support us in our cultural transformation.

Marketing Insight

Digitalisation meets communication

Keeping up with the latest trends is exhilarating – and even more so when you set them yourself! But what about the issue of recognition? We ask ourselves this question almost every day in Marketing. Venturing into new territories, while preserving our unique EOS identity. An exciting, challenging task.

Career prospects: optimal. The world over.

EOS Corporate Legal embraces two divisions: Legal Department Germany und International Contracts. At EOS Legal Department Germany, we draft and review contracts with clients, as well as service providers and responsibly help shape contractual negotiations. Hopefully with your help too soon.

As a member of our team, you support us in various ways, for example when implementing statutory reforms or with sales projects, transactions and standardisation of purchasing contracts. We are looking for colleagues who will contribute their ideas. In return, we offer you the chance to grow with us. And not only in Germany.

International expertise – in high demand

The International Contracts division focuses on international cross-border contracts, which are predominantly connected to debt purchases. Together we both design and implement co-investment structures, carry out securitisation transactions, while simultaneously clarifying all vital legal facets.

The Corporate Legal Department, on the other hand, concentrates on internal processes and projects such as the implementation of in-house legislative amendments. Keeping an eye on legislative procedures and critically examining them is therefore important to avoid being caught unawares by the implications of unexpected changes.

Tackling legal issues together

As applies to all EOS divisions: Teamwork is just a matter of course. Throughout the department. Face-to-face exchange helps us develop. We learn from one another and shed crucial light on matters from varied angles. Team members are also encouraged to partake in professional workshops to deepen their knowledge.

The most exciting part about our projects is often their complexity. It is our job to point out potential risks, and where necessary, back up our appraisal with external reports.

Hendrik, Head of Legal
What motivates us? Finding the best solution together and ensuring EOS legal security.
Hendrik, Head of Legal

Our recipe for success: Professionalism and humanity

EOS stands for high-quality debt collection, protecting both creditors and consumers. Our goal is to improve payment practice, in order to preserve valuable business relationships between companies and their customers.

As defaulters are typically the customers of our customers, we strongly believe in meeting them on equal terms, offering both respect and sensitivity, as well as reasonable, realistic solutions for both parties.

Putting EOS values into practice is really important to me. And that also means me placing trust in my colleagues.
Claudia, Team leader - Debt Collection

Shaping the future of debt collection

We believe in calling everything into question. This naturally includes core processes too. Our organisational structure. Our daily workflow. In fact, a team of 40 staff from Processing has targeted this credo very specifically in the CREATE project (Combined Resources at EOS Achieve True Excellence).

The entire team – across all locations and positions – is dedicated to focusing on the future of the debt collection sector. The changes are intended to lead to both a fair and prioritised distribution of labour that will, in turn, ensure the best possible results for debtors, clients and all of us at EOS.