Applying to EOS

Found the perfect vacancy? Or maybe chancing a speculative enquiry? Whatever your motivation for applying to us, we have set out our application process below to guide you.

The application stage

The first stage: from matching vacancy to HR reply.

Finding the ideal position in our Job Search

Our Job Search is updated on a daily basis to display current vacancies. In case your dream job does not happen to be listed today, simply contact our job agents. They will automatically tell you about any new vacancies. Equally, for any other queries related to job or application matters, you can call our application hotline team on: +49 40 2850-1133.

Job Search

Apply to us online

Applying online is so simple. The application form can be found on the relevant job advertisement. Just upload your CV, covering letter, references and any academic certificates. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an automatic email acknowledgement. Should any information or documents be missing, we will contact you.

We then carefully consider your application

Our HR team goes through your application with relevant departmental managers. This can take some time, so please do bear with us! For those applying for a vocational training position: You will be invited to complete an online test – before your first interview.

The interview stage

The second stage: from interview to offer.

We invite you in

We want to get to know you personally and will send you an interview date via email. Please fill out the application questionnaire linked in the email and bring it to the interview – along with some of your own questions. After all, you are bound to want to find out more about EOS and your future role. And we love curiosity. The main aim for us is getting to know each other face to face.

Your 1st interview with us

You will meet staff from both our HR and specialist departments and they will happily answer any questions you have. If you have applied for a work-study scheme, you will be invited to EOS during a selection day. EOS Serviceline will provide you with an informal briefing, before initial contact with EOS Field Services.

Your 2nd interview

You have given a convincing first interview and been short-listed. Now we want to invite you in again. If you are asked in the mail to participate in a Predictive Index (PI), please complete it within five days from the date of receipt, as the link is only temporarily accessible. And the aim behind it? We want to establish a more detailed impression of you.

Applied to EOS Technology Solutions? Then you will be invited to the relevant specialist department for the second round. Corporate sector applicants, meanwhile, can expect to meet the team over coffee. To round off the day, EOS Field Services will invite you on a trial tour with your area manager – to give you a complete picture of your future remit.#

We will keep you posted

We will automatically share our impressions and let you know whether we can imagine working with you. You will be contacted either by telephone or email. Feedback is important at EOS: So we also want to know how you felt about us!

The contract stage

The third stage: from acceptance to contract-signing.

Your employment contract is closely inspected

We want you to join our team and have managed to win you over. But first your contract needs to be approved by the works council.

You sign the contract

Once we have all signed, it’s official: Welcome to EOS! We look forward to a successful working relationship!

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