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English-speaking applicants welcome! Our job vacancies are currently advertised in German. However, as an international company operating primarily in English, EOS genuinely welcomes applications from talented English-speaking professionals. Our HR contact partners all speak English fluently. So, if one of our advertised positions has caught your eye, simply contact the relevant contact person to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Corinna Hansen, Recruiter

Corinna Hansen

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No better time to join.

As a software engineer, you have the power to actively shape the future of the EOS Group through our groundbreaking digitalisation projects. You contribute your innovative ideas – We offer you the chance to make them happen, thanks to agile processes and autonomous teams that ensure vital creative freedom. At EOS, our teamplayers come from a vast range of professional and personal backgrounds. And this is how we manage to satisfy increasingly complex demands. Pooling our diverse competencies enables us to create both effective solutions and user-optimised services.

And how do we remain pioneers in tomorrow’s industry? With you, of course.

Software Engineering revealed

Boosting security with pair programming.

We are dedicated to agile software development – with pair programming. One person writes the source code, the other provides feedback. This is how we fulfil our teamwork and quality standards.

Software Engineering konkret

Non-stop development

Although you can progress from learning by doing in some sectors, with Software Engineering we place considerable value on advanced, further education and regular training sessions.

Software Engineering revealed

How we progress

Conferences, training sessions and certifications – We strongly support anything that broadens horizons and gains us premature insights into new trends. No less essential: Exchanging knowledge and expertise amongst ourselves.

Your turn to shine

  • Demonstrating agile teamwork
  • Developing e.g. software for our globally operating EOS service portal or the FX project within a dedicated scrum team
  • Carrying out prototyping and A/B Testing with us to optimise applications
  • Working with us on our tailored Java framework
  • Putting our “Inspect & Adapt” principle into practice

Agile approach. Concrete results.

Extensive projects are best managed and realised with an agile approach. Around 60 internal and external colleagues from our specialist areas and IT department agree unanimously on this – not to mention DevOps experts, architecture pros and data scientists.

Our agile coaches have optimised the organisational framework on a Scrum basis to ensure fast, flexible, well-coordinated teamwork. They have developed an approach that caters perfectly to our requirements.

This in turn facilitates agile, parallel engagement within multiple development teams. Furthermore, the coaches nurture a vital learning culture. Trying out new ideas in order to gain fresh insights and continuously build on our knowledge features among our core principles. This not only influences our day-to-day activities, but indeed playing a crucial role in shaping debt collection systems of the future.

Als Software Engineer Innovationen entwickeln und begleiten

Putting theory into practice

For us, it is second nature to continuously try out new technologies and approaches. That is how we achieve our goals, creating more time for key topics and techniques such as:
DevOps, Data Science, Microservices, Puppet, Ruby, Kafka, Gradle, Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, VMware, Python, Java, JavaScript, React, Swagger, Hadoop.

Project FX: The future of debt collection

2400 debt collection experts use our software every day. Their role: To offer debtors customised solutions that enable them to settle their debts as quickly and easily as possible. That is why we are currently developing a completely new core system. A data-driven, analytical approach will soon be capable of deriving the best possible financial services measure – fully automatically. And thanks to cutting-edge technologies and software architecture designs, FX is able to remain comfortably flexible over both the medium and long term.