IT Mitarbeiter im Dialog mit Mitarbeitende

IT Infrastructure.

Evolving in a changing world.

The IT Infrastructure division represents the backbone of our services: It is responsible for multiple technical platforms and IT services utilised by EOS customers, as well as around 2400 users in Germany and Europe alone. Due to both technological and cultural change, we are already pursuing two future-oriented goals. Firstly, we are crafting an agile infrastructure. In other words, we employ agile methods, form joint ventures with our clients, test out cross-functional and virtual teams and are continuously evolving as a decentralised, well-structured organisation. And our second project? Building a private cloud, which is already hosting the first products of our customers. It means testing a lot and learning from experience. As our motto implies: Fail fast! Learn faster!

IT Infrastructure Insights

Working & Gaming

From table football to Playstation and other consoles – We believe having fun at work has an important influence on professional performance. In fact, we even have our very own table football league!

IT Infrastructure Insights

Staying ahead of the game.

In IT, a lot of our work is about systems and digital infrastructures. Equally important, however, is creativity and further training. We both expect and encourage personal initiative, and offer creative freedom for new ideas and advanced professional development.

Our competence hub – Your workplace

Our IT Infrastructure department is divided into four competence hubs and has a team that deals with the strategic development of IT infrastructure, as well as numerous infrastructure projects:

CC IaaS is in charge of two equivalent computer centres (tier IV), where more than 2000 systems run predominantly virtualised. Storage including backup represents an additional technological area.

CC PaaS is responsible for the private cloud including all aspects connected to automation, continuous delivery, container virtualisation and server operating systems used at EOS.

CC SaaS is in charge of central monitoring, as well as the data banks. SaaS offers customers the use of services “as a service” and enhances our range on an individual needs basis.

CC Central Services & Support runs the Service Desk for 2400 users, ensuring all users are kitted out with modern devices (Windows, Linux, Mac, mobile devices), telephone services and printers.

The Project Management & Infrastructure Strategy (PMI and agile) offers our CC optimal support in the continuous development of their platforms.