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English-speaking applicants welcome! Our job vacancies are currently advertised in German. However, as an international company operating primarily in English, EOS genuinely welcomes applications from talented English-speaking professionals. Our HR contact partners all speak English fluently. So, if one of our advertised positions has caught your eye, simply contact the relevant contact person to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Corinna Hansen, Recruiter

Corinna Hansen

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IT Controlling & Sales

The Business Administration department is responsible for all aspects of IT controlling. Core responsibilities include:

  • Carrying out internal IT cost allocation
  • Calculating the cost of our IT specialists’ products and solutions
  • Drafting the annual business plan, as well as forecasts for ensuing quarters
  • Carrying out analyses and drafting reports
  • Purchasing staff, consulting and development services
  • Procuring hardware, software and IT-related services
  • Developing cross-departmental staff development schemes
  • Carrying out change projects
  • Working closely with the HR department of the EOS Group parent company
Business Administration Insights

Transforming error into opportunity

A culture of constructive criticism is not just a trendy term for us. We actually put it into practice. We actually put it into practice by selecting the “mistake of the quarter”. This targeted way of dealing with errors highlights our mission to call everything into question – in order to break new ground.

Business Administration Insights

Sustainability at its best

In this digital era, paper wastage is not only inefficient, but harmful to the environment. We place strong emphasis on sustainable solutions for archiving and communication – and forego the use of paper.

Nicole, Head of department

Our IT team is here to ensure we achieve our commercial goals throughout periods of continuous change.

Nicole, Head of department