IT Mitarbeiter guckt in die Kamera

Flat hierarchies. No glass ceilings.

IT – Our digital backbone

So much to do. And so much to offer talented IT pros.

EOS Technology Solutions is an IT and communications company positioned in the financial sector. We do not produce goods. Rather we generate our business by automating financial and communications processes that have largely technological origins. By 2024, we will have built a completely new core system, while continuing to service our existing systems. We are also expanding in the portals field and building a hybrid cloud in our Infrastructure sector.

Go agile! Welcome on board.

IT covers a vast area today. At EOS, we employ IT experts with the most diverse range of skills. Agile teamplayers enjoying optimal autonomy. Developing the latest in cutting-edge technology for the most advanced, future-oriented solutions.

IT Insights

IT is a teamsport

Experience has shown: IT people are natural teamplayers, not lone wolves. After all, the most vital configuration is togetherness. Social and communication skills are a must. While technical skills are constantly enhanced thanks to further training. Learning never stops. Quite the opposite with us: there is always room to grow.

IT Insights

Your systems – Your call

Whether Linx, Mac or Windows – It is for you to decide which operating system is right for the job. After all, you are the one working with it – and nobody understands that better than you. So why not join us and turn your system into a successful programme?

IT Insights

Real conferences – Real contact

Every year, EOS organises an international IT conference. With a host of international companies. Our aim: facilitating exchange on projects, challenges and opportunities – and mutual inspiration.

A system that rewards

Fast, user-friendly and secure: The EOS service portal was simply made for defaulting customers. Paying debts online has never been easier. Debtors can find all the information they need about outstanding claims on the platform and benefit from a variety of payment systems such as VISA, MasterCard, instant bank transfer (Sofort-Überweisung), SEPA direct debit and A scrum team is constantly refining the product. Moreover, the service portal was designed to be used by EOS subsidiaries all over the world. It can be adapted to the specific needs of each and every company.