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Data Science

In focus: optimization

The core task of the Data Science division is to optimize our debt collection processes. The focus here is on Germany, whereas the orientation of colleagues in Business Analytics is more international.

Data Science Insights

Diversity of opinion

There is always more than one opinion. But we genuinely live an open communication culture that encourages everyone to contribute to discussions. The golden rule: respect. The goal: Transforming diversity into opportunity.

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Small teams. Major achievements.

We not only work among teams from different departments, but also value experts from various specialist areas within our own small teams. Plus: each project individually determines the composition of a team.

Data Science & Business Analytics Insights

State-of-the-art is standard

If you want to progress, you have to keep up-to-date – as our Data Science Framework shows. And which tools will we be using tomorrow? We leave that to you to tell us when you join.

A science in itself. Just up your street.

The essence of Data Science is developing and implementing data models, as well as detecting weak spots in current debt collection procedures and optimising them. Taking the Best Next Action approach enables us to define the sequence of activities to benefit the debtor. In other words, empirical data is incorporated into the models and subsequently processed. Close cooperation with our IT colleagues is therefore imperative. Our goals include:

  • Identifying efficient solutions
  • Isolating and detecting problems
  • Developing cutting-edge, analytical solutions
  • Critically assessing the effectiveness of debt collection operations
  • Developing innovative ideas for debt collection management
  • Developing new standards for technical systems
  • Designing and implementing analytical models into technical systems
Maria Bockhahn, Data Scientist - EOS Analytics
I had a great start. Even on my first day, I was encouraged to make decisions and take part in meetings.
Maria Bockhahn, Data Scientist - EOS Analytics

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A vision behind every project

The key to our revolutionary FX debt collection software, used daily by around 2400 experts, lies in our analytical expertise. Our analysts have specified that the majority of decisions should be made by the database, enabling them to then be customised on a follow-up level.