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Utilization of AI in the debt collection process

Develop global know-how on the subject of data-driven debt collection. That is our goal in the Center of Analytics. Our team in Hamburg creates self-learning digital tools that evaluate and use data from the debt collection process. This, in turn, makes it easier to choose the right collection strategy.
Technologies and approaches change quickly – and we change with them. We constitute a new area; we create our own way of working and try out lots of different things.
The Center of Analytics combines the areas of Consulting, Training, Collaboration and Technology.

Consulting and Training

Within the scope of our consulting projects, we work together with EOS companies to look for potential areas where analytics can be used. We accompany our customers from the beginning of the project to the implementation of our models on site – both at home and abroad.
International analytics colleagues are brought up to speed step by step over a period of three days at our CoA Academy in Hamburg. A mandatory introduction session, to explain the „Data Science Workflow“, forms the basis of this training. This is followed by further modules in which the participants choose and vote on what they are interested in. Further sessions on topics such as agile working methods and lectures by an invited speaker round off the training.
We believe in self-paced learning – providing support to learn self-determinedly through coaching, sparring, an internship and access to our know-how.


We embody and support one of the EOS Heartbeats #shareyourknowledge. For us it is a matter of course to exchange ideas and best practices and to expand on them – be it through regular on-site or remote sessions, or subgroups for working groups.

Because people also make the difference when it comes to technically driven work content. For us, each and every one of them.


We want to understand which technologies are needed at EOS. Our in-house consultants take care of providing demand-oriented technology solutions – for example, in the form of high-performance environments for scalable data science or collaboration solutions such as analyst code repositories. In doing so, we rely on both in-house solutions and solutions based on cloud technologies.

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We develop solutions for the entire Group

Our Center of Analytics represents the core of our data driven company. Here we develop new models together with our colleagues in other countries, which we then implement internationally. We combine our affinity for data and software development with a high degree of creativity – as this is the only way to achieve our solutions. Watch the video to find out more about us and the way we work!

"Triumph" in France

The ‚Triumph‘ project will link EOS France to the analytics platform – the first country outside of Germany to do so. Individual processes were selected and implemented for this purpose. With the start of the project, the interdisciplinary team with colleagues from EOS France, the Center of Analytics and the Western Europe management division is introducing agile working methods. „Triumph“ was the first project for junior consultant, Corinna: „It was a new and exciting challenge for us to work together across four locations.“

Business Analytics Insights

We are connoisseurs

We regularly have lunch together and take advantage of the diverse culinary offers in the immediate vicinity. So this means not only our work is international, but also our team lunch.

Business Analytics Insights

We are diverse

We have different hobbies and interests. And we each have our own individual sense of humor. But we do have one thing in common: the affinity for numbers.

Business Analytics Insights

We are networked

We are the „knowledge center“ and therefore have a strong network with other countries and colleagues. But we also like to learn new things. So that we are able to respond individually to all requirements.

Natalia, Consultant Business Analytics
I've always wanted to combine data science and international work. And this is possible at EOS – so I didn't need long to reach my decision.
Natalia, Consultant Business Analytics

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