Analysten stehen am Whiteboard
Our Analysts

A passion for figures.

Independent thinkers. Side by side.

At EOS, we not only work with facts, figures, statistics, data, models and algorithms – but with clever, experienced independent talents, who like you, love nothing better than to shine a light on complex data material. They continue to dig deeper, until all questions have been answered. Here you will find out more about the Risk Management, Data Science and Business Analytics divisions.

What our analysts do at EOS

If you get a buzz out of examining complex figures, then there is plenty of scope for your passion at EOS – for example in Data Science, Risk Management, Corporate Development, as well as Finance and Legal Administration. We continuously optimise our methods and tools to facilitate further development. We assess large amounts of data and steer operational processes with modern machine learning procedures, in order to meet the prerequisites for risk mitigation when entering new markets.


Analysts Insights

More than just stats

Our analysts are not only experts at dealing with facts, figures, data and forecasts, but also know all about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Analysts Insights

Creative by default

Personal initiative is both expected and encouraged. You have the freedom to implement your own ideas and solve problems your own way.

Analysts Insights

Two heads are better than one

We not only work closely together within our own teams, but beyond with other teams too. Constructive exchange and mutual support are crucial for our success.

WANTED: Teamplayers!

Value both teamwork and creative freedom, and feel at home in the world of figures? Then you will feel right at home with us.


How to launch your career as an EOS analyst:

  • A degree programme specialising in machine learning or automated learning procedures. A focus on mathematics, physics, statistics or IT is also desirable.
  • Proven ability to design and conduct A/B Tests is essential.
  • Assertiveness. The ability to sell your own ideas and make them happen. Coupled with top team skills – because complex projects require expert cooperation.
  • Ability to keep driving forwards and stay on track despite knockbacks. You fight for your ideas.
  • You are solutions-oriented all the way.

What drives us? Data Driven Decisions.

Data-driven decision making is a project of considerable strategic significance to EOS. It enables us to lay the foundations for shaping future operational processes in receivables management.

Time and again, we have proven that data-driven, customised debt collection management is by far superior to traditional sequence control. And that is why we have specialists from various departments working closely together – for the same common goal.

Data scientists have developed forecasting models. These have now been successfully implemented thanks to effective cooperation between our Head of Debt Collection, sequencing design specialists and IT division.

Our analysts and developers in the data warehouse field have also made an important contribution, since they provide the database for both modelling and various interfaces. This perfectly coordinated mix of expert input enables our team to achieve outstanding results.